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How Prospero Solves the Motivation Problem of Self-Learning

With the rise of bootcamps and online learning, it's become easier than ever to find educational resources. But as many people have discovered, it can be difficult to stay motivated and accountable when self-learning on your own (only 55% of PAID Coursera users complete a course!). This is where Prospero steps in.

At Prospero, we believe that learning communities are THE key for success. Our small, supportive communities provide the accountability and motivation you need to complete training and gain practical experience. Plus, our partnerships with real companies means you'll receive real-world projects to apply your new skills and build your resume.

Here are three reasons why learning communities super-charge your learning:

  1. Increased accountability: It's easy to skip a lesson or put off a project when you're working on your own. But in a Prospero learning community, you'll have a dedicated group of peers helping keep you accountable and encourage you to stay on track.

  2. Opportunities for collaboration: Self-study can be isolating, but at Prospero, you'll be part of a team working towards a common goal. You'll be able to share ideas, offer support, and learn from each other in a way that simply isn't possible with online courses.

  3. Real-world experience: One of the biggest challenges with online courses is applying what you've learned in the real world. With Prospero, you'll receive real-world projects from our partner companies, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and build your resume.

If you want to take your learning to the next level and gain practical experience, in-person learning with Prospero is the way to go. Sign up now and start growing your career today!

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