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How Prospero Helps You Achieve Career Success

Updated: Jan 17

Finding affordable opportunities for career growth can be challenging. Expensive training programs like Bootcamps or Professional programs offer high-quality education but can be inaccessible due to their time and financial demands. Online courses, on the other hand, are often free and self-paced but have low completion rates (only 55% of Coursera users finish a course). There is a need for a middle ground that offers accountability and premium learning, but is also flexible and affordable.

Prospero is a platform that connects its Members to a community of peers who share similar goals and are committed to helping each other succeed in the job market. Our platform offers a range of in-person learning programs designed to provide practical, relevant skills for success in a chosen field.

But why choose Prospero over online courses or bootcamps? Here are a few key reasons:

Practical & Experiential Learning

One of the best ways to stand out and impress future employers is by working on real-world projects with companies. That's why when you join a Prospero Learning Cohort, we match you a short (2-5 hrs/week) project sourced from a partner company. These projects provide a valuable opportunity to showcase your ability to think on your feet and integrate knowledge quickly, skills that are difficult to demonstrate in more structured settings. Additionally, working on real-world projects gives you exposure to the types of projects and people you are likely to encounter in a future job, providing valuable experience that can set you apart from other candidates.

Prospero can help you achieve your career goals whether you're starting, switching, or advancing a career. Signup to become a Member to browse & find one of our Learning Communities.

Meet & Learn with Like-Minded Peers

Prospero Learning Cohorts are a colearning group of around 10 peers in your local area who work together to learn about a relevant topic, collaborate on projects, and participate in IRL events like career workshops, networking, and coworking.

Working alongside peers who are also facing similar challenges and have similar goals can provide valuable support and motivation. When you are surrounded by others who are working towards the same goals, you can learn from each other and support each other as you navigate the challenges of learning new skills. This creates a uniquely collaborative and inclusive learning environment that fosters engagement and motivation.

We work hard to ensure our Cohorts are inclusive and designed to foster a sense of belonging and solidarity that can be difficult to find in online learning environments.

Flexible & Affordable

The cost to join a Learning Cohorts is $100/month, or $600 if the cohort lasts for six month. This gives you access to premium educational resources, a supportive community, real world projects, and career events at a cost that is 30% cheaper than the average college class.

Why do we make access to our Learning Cohorts so flexible? Offering affordable learning communities allows Members to try out the learning experience and see if it is a good fit for them without committing to a more expensive bootcamp or degree program. This can help them decide if a career path is right for them without making a significant financial investment in a degree or Bootcamp.

Additionally, keeping the cost of learning communities affordable can make them accessible to a wider range of people, including those who may not have the financial means to participate in more expensive programs. By providing an affordable entry point to the learning experience, we can help more people to discover the benefits of hands-on, interactive learning and support them in achieving their career goals.

So if you're a young professional or recent college grad seeking to start, switch, or advance your career, become a Prospero Member today and find a Learning Cohort that can help you achieve a successful career.

About the Author

Nicholas Carey is the founder of Prospero. After struggling to find the resources to enter a career outside of his major following his graduation from college in 2020 with a degree in Physics, he has met and worked with hundreds of recent graduates and has gained experience building edtech products for startups and nonprofits. This experience has allowed him to identify the need for a platform like Prospero, which is launching this Spring.

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