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Help your  students become career ready

Our innovative platform prepares students for the real-world through personalized, experience-based learning.

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Prepare your students for the future with no added work

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Learn how Prospero can help

Here's how it works

250+ expertly created projects personalized to your career goals

Get a personal learning plan

Your career is unique, so shouldn't your learning experience be too? After we learn a bit about you and your goals, we match you with a sequence of suggested projects & resources designed to help you hone key product skills. 

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Gain practical experience & skills

Immerse yourself in our real-world projects co-created with PMs from top companies like Google, Dropbox, and Amazon. From user research to feature prioritization, each project will help you level-up and excel in your career.

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Build an impressive portfolio

Upload completed projects to your personal portfolio page, demonstrating your mastery of critical Product Management skills. Highlight your achievements in a professional and visually appealing way to impress potential employers.

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