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Find your dream career with Prospero

Kickstart your career with personalized projects that help you gain the experience you need to succeed. Coming soon!

What's your dream career? We'll help you get there. 

Prospero offers tailored skill development plans, hands-on project experiences, and a supportive community designed to help you find, start or switch into your dream career.

Get a personalized career development plan
Select your career
of choice
Access our suite of personalized career tools
Accelerate your career
Our Career Paths

Gain practical experience in high-demand careers

Software Engineering

Product Management


Business Operations

Growth Marketing

Data Analytics

Membership Benefits

We're building a new way to grow your career. 

Get a personal development plan

Our AI-powered Career Assistant creates personalized skill development plans, matches you with real-world projects and courses, and automatically finds and applies to relevant jobs with optimized resumes and cover letters to enhance your career prospects.

Gain practical experience

Prospero partners with employers to create short real-world projects that Members can use to learn new skills, fix skill gaps, and demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

Expand your professional network

When you join Prospero, you get access to exclusive events within your city that connect you to like-minded peers and experienced mentors within your career path. 


What is Prospero?

Prospero is an all-in-one career platform that helps people find and start their dream careers. We offer personalized career plans, real-world projects and courses to close skill gaps, and makes its members more attractive to employers. Joining Prospero gives you access to an AI career assistant, online courses, projects created by partners, and exclusive networking opportunities with partner employers.

I work full time, can I fit Prospero into my schedule?

Yes! To best take advantage of the tools, projects, and events we offer we recommend setting aside 10-15 hrs/week, but you can participate however you want!

How does Prospero's AI Career Assistant work?

Prospero's Career Assistant is an AI tool that helps you advance your career. Members can use the tool to analyze their resume, identify skill gaps, and receive the perfect mix of courses and real-world projects created by partner employers they need to stand out in the job market. The Assistant also automatically finds and applies to jobs that match their preferences.

How do I become a Prospero member?

Signing up for Prospero is easy! Just visit our website and complete the Membership Waitlist. From there, our team will help you find the right learning community and get started on your career growth journey.

How much does Prospero cost?

To access all of our benefits, Prospero Membership costs $100/month.

Be a Founding Member

Join our waitlist for free to be invited to become a Founding Member when we open our Spring 2023 beta. 

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