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Break into
Product Management

Get paired with real-world projects, gain practical experience, and showcase your abilities to employers through a standout portfolio.

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Learn by doing

Get matched with projects to gain practical experience 

applying product skills to real-world situations.

Work at your own pace

We can be busy. That's why you can complete projects on your own schedule.

Real world projects

Prospero's projects are created in partnership with expert

PMs from Google, Dropbox, etc.

Get feedback and grow

As you complete projects, connect with expert PMs and our community to gain feedback on your work.

Here's how it works

Gain & demonstrate direct experience applying product skills to real-world situations.

Get matched with projects

Your career is unique, so shouldn't your learning experience be too? After we learn a bit about you and your goals, we match you with a sequence of suggested projects & resources designed to help you hone key product skills. 

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Learn by applying key product skills

We've partnered with top PMs to create projects that teach you how to directly apply hard and soft product skills to real-world situations, which helps you cultivate & demonstrate the exceptional product acumen employers are looking for.

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Build an impressive portfolio

Get feedback and upload completed projects to your personal portfolio page, demonstrating your product acumen. Highlight your achievements in a professional and visually appealing way to impress potential employers.

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Ready to start your product career?

Join the Prospero waitlist to get early access and become an exceptional product manager.

Investing in yourself has never been easier

Membership Includes: 

✅ A free skills & career assessment

✅ Unlimited access to 250+ expert-created projects

✅ A professional portfolio page

✅ Access to a community of like-minded peers

✅ 24/7 customer support

Prospero Membership



Every month

Valid until canceled
7 day free trial

Career Centers

Help your  students become career ready

Connect your students with expert-created projects personalized around their goals.

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What is Prospero?

Prospero is a platform that uses project-based learning to build exceptional product managers and then connect them to employers.

What types of projects can I expect on Prospero?

Prospero offers users a sequence of projects designed in partnership with experts to provide an authentic real-world experience. Prospero projects cover 8 soft and hard product skills and are set in 3 different technology sectors. This way, we can mix & match to provide Members highly personalized skill development plans.

Who is Prospero for?

College students & recent graduates (0-3 years) looking to start or advance their product careers. We also specialize in helping individuals looking to make a career transition.

How do I become a Prospero member?

Signing up for Prospero is easy! Just visit our website and complete the Membership Waitlist.

How much does Prospero cost?

To access all of our benefits, Prospero Membership costs $25/month.

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